Easy Handspun Shawl


Easy Handspun Shawl

I made this shawl with my own hand spun yarn so yardage and hook size should be used as a general guide only, your yarn may be rather different, if in doubt make a swatch.

This pattern makes a semi circular shawl but not a perfect curve, it’s a triangle with the point chopped off. If you like triangles you could just continue working the pattern rows for longer, obviously this will take up more yarn. The edging will need extra dc’s worked to turn the corner at the point of the triangle.

You will need: –

5mm crochet hook

approx 600 metres handspun yarn 9-12 wpi


Chain 200, turn

Row 1 Ch2, working into foundation chain *dc1 into 2nd ch from hook, ch1 repeat from * to end. Turn.

Row 2 Ch2, make 2 dc into each gap, ch2, slip stitch into top of last dc below.

Row 3 repeat second row.

These three rows form the pattern and should result in a gradual taper (which will eventually form a triangle but we aren’t making a shawl that big)

All repeats of Row 1 the dc should be worked into gaps not into stitches.

Repeat pattern 13 times. Bind off. You will have 14 pattern repeats (42 rows)

Starting at corner ch2, then *dc1 into 2nd ch from hook, ch1 repeat from * all the way round curved edge, turn and make scalloped edge by making 6dc into first gap and every 3rd gap after that. Bind off.

Wash and block.


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