Handspun Mini Dinosaur

This is a quick pattern to use up scraps of Handspun yarn, you can use any weight of yarn you have available and the dinosaur will be slightly bigger or smaller accordingly. Gauge is not very important for this project except that you need to knit tight enough to ensure a firm fabric that won’t let the stuffing through. With this in mind select your needle size as appropriate for the yarn you are using.
Row 1 cast on 4 stitches
Row 2 purl to end
Row 3 K1,M1,K1,M1,K1,M1,K1 (7stitches on needle)
Row 4 purl to end
Row 5 K1,M1,K5,M1,K1 (9 stitches on needle)
Row 6 purl to end
Row 7 K1,M1,K7,M1,K1 (11 stitches on needle)
Row 8-12 work even in stockinette.
Row 13 K1,K2tog,K5,K2tog,K1 (9 stitches on needle)
Row 14 purl to end
Row 15 K1,K2tog,K3,K2tog,K1 (7 stitches on needle)
Row 16-25 work even in stockinette.
Row 26 purl to end
Row 27 increase into every stitch (14 St. on needle)
Row 28 purl to end
Row 29 increase into every stitch (28 stitches)
Row 30-45 work even in stockinette.
Row 46 purl to end
Row 47 K2tog to end (14 stitches on needle)
Row 48 purl to end
Row 49 K2tog to end (7 stitches on needle)
Row 50-56 work even in stockinette.
Row 57 K1,K2tog,K1,K2tog,K1 (5 stitches on needle)
Row 58 K1,K2tog,K2tog
Row 59 Bind off.

Legs – knit 4 of these
Cast on 7 stitches, knit 10 rows in stockinette, bind off.
Be sure to leave a tail of yarn on each leg for stitching it to the body.
To make up
Starting at the tail end (cast off edge) with the right side outwards stitch together using a ladder stitch. Add stuffing as you go, my dino only has filling in the body and the head.
When your seam is halfway along the head fold over the nose flap. This make a v shape seam on the underside of the head, mouth and nose stitching will line up with this seam.

Make up legs using the yarn tail left on the cast off edges, fold the piece into a tube and stitch halfway along it. This leaves you a triangular edge to stitch onto the body. Ladder stitching is the most invisible way of attaching the legs, positioning the edge of each leg over the increase/decrease rows keeping the tops of the legs in line with the tail and neck.

Stitch eyes, nose and mouth with scraps of dark yarn and use White sewing cotton for White dots in the eyes.

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